What does trademark infringement cost?

When new clients Warning letter in trademark law you usually first ask what costs you will incur. We have therefore decided to provide a cost calculator for the costs of a trademark infringement.

As a rule, the object value of the Warning named by the warning letter. If this is not the case, you can expect to pay €50,000 or €100,000 for relatively unknown brands and €250,000 or €500,000 for luxury brands. 

The costs of a trademark infringement consist of legal fees and Compensation for damages. With the usual object values, the lawyer's fees amount to € 1,682.70 to € 4,620.70 net or € 2,002.41 to € 5,498.63 gross per lawyer. In addition Compensation for damageswhich is determined individually according to the type and scope of the trademark infringement.

Please note that the values are only approximate. In most cases, we are able to estimate the costs of the law firm issuing the warning and the Compensation for damages considerably. 

Trademark infringement cost calculator

Trademark infringement cost calculator

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