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Our passion: trademark law

Trademark attorney Robert Meyen is an expert in trademark warnings and applications

Our law firm is specialized in the field of trademark law.

Lawyer Robert Meyen is Specialist lawyer for the protection of industrial property rights, which, among other things Trademark law contains.

Our law firm is located in Neuss, Germany. We are in the immediate vicinity of Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Krefeld, Mönchengladbach and Duisburg and close to the border with the Netherlands.

In today's highly competitive market, building a strong Brand identity is crucial to the success and growth of any company.

The Protection of your brand identityt before potential imitators, counterfeiters and infringers is crucial for the Safeguarding the reputation and the value of your brand. This is where the power of trademark law comes into play. An experienced trademark attorney can be your most important partner when it comes to protecting the identity of your Protect the brand.

With his expertise in intellectual property law, the trademark attorney will guide you through the complex process of Trademark registration and -enforcement.

An experienced trademark lawyer knows the intricacies of trademark law and will help you avoid potential pitfalls and ensure that the identity of your trademark belongs exclusively to you.

By working with an experienced trademark attorney, you can be sure that your trademark is protected against unauthorized use.

We can help you identify potential infringements, take legal action against infringers and defend your brand's reputation in the marketplace.

Contact our experienced trademark law firm. We can help you navigate the complexities of intellectual property law and protect the essentials that make your brand unique.

Do you have a Warning letter in trademark law receive? Receive your Free initial assessment

Trademark law Lawyer Specialist lawyer Cease and desist warning
Rely on help from a specialist lawyer in trademark law
Trademark law Lawyer Specialist lawyer Cease and desist warning
Rely on help from a specialist lawyer in trademark law

What does a trademark attorney do?

The trademark attorney is an expert in industrial property rights, in particular trademark law. The trademark attorney advises on the ideal Property rights portfolioregisters trademarks and defends his clients' trademarks as well as his clients against the Allegation of trademark infringements. He is a professional in trademark disputes.
The term trademark attorney is not protected. Patent attorneys are often also referred to as trademark attorneys.

What does trademark law protect?

  • Trademark law protects BrandsCompany logo special business names and Work title.
  • One Brand can be anything that graphically displayable and is suitable, Goods and services of one company from products of other companies distinguish. Word marks that consist only of letters, numbers and symbols, figurative marks that do not contain any text or word/figurative marks that have a combination of text and graphic design are particularly common. 
  • Typical word marks are company names and product names.
  • Word/figurative marks are often logos of companies or goods. 
  • The Company logo is the Name of a company or the company of a merchant. The company trademark also partially protects Abbreviations or Components of company names. Employee uniforms or special company vehicles can also be company trademarks if they have achieved a certain level of recognition.
  • Work title protect the name of NewspapersMagazinesSongs or Television programs.

The trademark infringement

  • One Trademark infringement exists if a third party uses a protected trademark or an already granted company trademark or a confusable similar indicator for a similar product or a company in a similar industry.
  • The criterion is always the Risk of confusion. This is the case when abstract is possible due to the use of a license plate assigning a product to the wrong company. This is also referred to as infringement of the trademark's origin function.
  • As a general rule, trademark infringements are dealt with by submitting a declaration of infringement. Cease and desist declaration finished.

Take a look at our guide to trademark infringement.

Warning letter in trademark law

  • Infringements of trademarks companies can use a Assets cost. For many companies, brands are the most valuable Asset.
  • The Warning gives the Trademark infringer the opportunity to Avoid court disputes and to end the infringement out of court.
  • The Trademark attorney knows the tricks of the trade mark trade. We advise both Trademark owner as well as Warned party.
  • Please sign however never the from the warning letter specified declaration to cease and desist
  • A well formulated Modified cease-and-desist declaration promises the trademark owner only exactly as much as Legally required is.

Deadlines in warnings are absolutely to note.

Temporary injunction in trademark law

  • For Trademark owner it is particularly important to Trademark infringement immediately finishto to avert further damage. Once market confusion has manifested itself, it can be expensive to undo the damage.
  • The temporary injunction offers the trademark owner Urgent legal protection.
  • In some courts, interim injunctions are still being issued on same dayat the latest on following working day issued. In our experience, the Düsseldorf Regional Court is particularly fast.

Temporary injunctions have been issued in numerous cases, especially procedural - Pitfalls. We know all the pitfalls. When Brand law firm we guide you efficient on your preliminary injunction and also know how we can successfully challenge preliminary injunctions issued by your opponent. fend off.

The lawsuit in trademark law

  • Through a Legal action in trademark law the Legal relationships between Brand owner and Trademark infringer be permanently clarified.
  • In legal proceedings, trademark owners can demand that the infringer RemovalOmissionInformationCompensation for damages and Reimbursement of expenses in the form of Reimbursement of legal fees demand.
  • Legal proceedings are always necessary when trademark owners and trademark infringers agree on a Warning and if necessary temporary injunction have not found a conclusive solution.

The trademark attorney makes the right applications for injunctive relief to stop the trademark infringement. permanent and effective to end.

Trademark applications from a specialist lawyer

We help you on the way to a strong brand. Click here to access our ultimate guide to trademark registration.

Our services at a glance

  • Brand registration: We support you with the Registering your trademarkin Germany, Europe and most countries around the world. We make sure that your Brand optimally protected is. The Brand registration is the first and crucial step in ensuring the protection of your brand. At marken medien meyen, we understand that your brand is a valuable asset that sets your business apart from others. We specialize in the efficient and Strategic registration of trademarksto ensure that they are optimally protected. 

  • Trademark search: We carry out thorough Trademark searches to ensure that your planned trademark is unique and not protected by trademark law. This helps to avoid potential conflicts and difficulties at the registration stage. We prepare and submit all the necessary documents and applications for trademark registration to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Our goal is to ensure that your trademark receives the comprehensive protection it deserves. We pride ourselves on guiding you through the entire trademark registration process and ensuring that your intellectual property is protected to the maximum.

  • Trademark monitoringOur monitoring services keep a watchful eye on your brand. We detect potential trademark infringements early and take proactive steps to defend your rights. Trademark monitoring is a crucial aspect of trademark law and ensures that your trademark is continuously protected. 

At marken medien meyen, we understand that the protection of your trademark does not end with trademark registration, but requires ongoing support in order to recognize and combat possible trademark infringements at an early stage. 

Our expertise in trademark law

Our experienced lawyer for trademark law Robert Meyen is a specialist lawyer for intellectual property law and has comprehensive knowledge and Years of experience in trademark law. Regardless of whether you are an established company, a start-up or an individual, we are your trusted partner for all trademark law matters.

His expertise spans many years, during which he has successfully represented companies in complex trademark law matters.

Attorney for trademark law Robert Meyen has Extensive experience in the Enforcement of trademark law for companies with diverse brand portfolios. He has proven his ability to handle complex legal challenges in various industries and markets.

Through his work with international brands, he has acquired a deep Understanding of the complex legal and cultural aspects in the defense of trademark rights.

Trademark Attorney Robert Meyen has successfully represented clients in cross-border disputes and has advised on international Brand strategies developed.

In cases where a legal dispute is unavoidable, he has demonstrated his skills as a experienced litigator has proven himself. His tenacity and determination in court help to achieve positive results for his clients.


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