The EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) is an agency of the European Union based in Alicante, Spain. It was created to promote and facilitate the implementation and management of intellectual property in the European Union (EU). In particular, the EUIPO is responsible for the registration and administration of European Union trademarks (formerly Community trademarks) and Community designs.

The main tasks of the EUIPO include

  1. Union trademark registration: The EUIPO is responsible for the registration of European Union trade marks (formerly Community trade marks). The EU trademark grants protection in all member states of the European Union.
  2. Community design registration: The EUIPO is also responsible for the registration of Community designs. These designs can protect the external appearance of products.
  3. Management of registers: The Office manages the registers of European Union trade marks and Community designs, including updating information, registrations and cancellations.
  4. Dispute resolution: The EUIPO plays a role in dispute resolution in relation to EU trademarks and Community designs, including conducting proceedings to challenge or cancel trademarks.

The EUIPO plays a key role in creating a uniform system of protection for trademarks and designs in the European Union. The work of the EUIPO contributes to the Protection of intellectual property and to promote the development of a coherent legal framework for the internal market.

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