The abbreviation DPMA stands for "Deutsches Patent- und Trademark Office". It is the central authority in Germany responsible for the administration of patents, utility models, trade marks and designs. The DPMA is based in Munich and Jena and is a higher federal authority within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.

The main tasks of the DPMA include

  1. Brands: The DPMA is the national office for the application and registration of trade marks in Germany. It examines trademark applications for registrability and maintains the trademark register.
  2. Designs: The DPMA administers the design register and is responsible for the registration of designs in Germany.
  3. Patents: The DPMA is responsible for granting patents that provide protection for technical inventions. This includes the examination of patent applications, the granting of patents and the administration of patent registers.
  4. Utility model: The DPMA is also responsible for granting utility models. Utility models protect technical inventions in a similar way to patents, but with a simpler application procedure.

The DPMA plays a decisive role in promoting the protection of intellectual property in Germany. It facilitates the Registration and administration of property rights and contributes to strengthening the innovative strength and competitiveness of companies.

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