Trademark search

One Trademark search is a systematic process for Review and evaluation of existing brandsto ensure that the intended trademark for a product or service is registrable and does not infringe any existing third-party rights. The trademark search is a crucial step in the trademark application process and helps to identify potential conflicts before a trademark is officially registered. It therefore prevents the risk of Warning letters in trademark law.

Main objectives of a trademark search:

  1. Identification of conflicts: By checking existing trademarks, potential conflicts with similar or identical trademarks can be avoided. This helps to prevent legal disputes and trademark infringements.
  2. Assessment of registrability: A trademark search makes it possible to better assess the registrability of a trademark. Certain terms or symbols may not be registrable due to absolute grounds for refusal such as a lack of Distinctive character or descriptive in nature.
  3. Avoidance of waste of resources: By identifying potential conflicts at an early stage, companies can avoid wasting time and resources on developing and marketing a brand that is later rejected due to conflicts.
  4. Risk assessment: A trademark search makes it possible to assess potential risks and challenges that could arise in connection with the registration and use of the trademark.

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