Filesharing: Nimrod warning letter for Kalypso Media from Worms

Warning letters from Nimrod Rechtsanwälte on behalf of Kalypso Media from Worms for the titles "Tropico 6" and "Railway Empire"

What does lawyer Frederik Bockslaff from Nimrod Rechtsanwälte in Berlin want from me?

How you can prevent a warning from Kalypso Media Group GmbH by Nimrod Rechtsanwälte due to violation of the Copyright we can probably help you; in any case, you will usually pay less than if you "blindly" follow the wishes of the Warning lawyers follow.

Why did I receive a warning for copyright infringement (file sharing) from Kalypso Media?

Software publishers earn their money by offering computer games for money. They lose a lot of money through illegal copies and downloads. However, software - and therefore computer games - are protected by the Copyright protected.

The software developers compensate the damage caused by illegal downloads (i.e. file sharing) by offering the software illegally to third parties, warn off and the resulting Damage replace leave.

Two of the absolute Top title from Kalypso Media are "Tropico 6" and "Railway Empire„.

It is probably precisely because of their popularity that Kalypso Media from Worms also wants to prevent their illegal distribution. In any case, the Variety to clients, which have been received in the last few days alone by Attorney Bockslaff or Nimrod Rechtsanwälte warned were.

What does Kalypso Media demand from me in the warning letter for file sharing?

Nimrod demands everything for Kalypso Media that a copyright holder can demand from the infringer:

  1. Complete Removal - i.e. removal - of the title and, above all, the possibility of downloading it from the infringer (usually via Exchange markets).
  2. Omission of the offer of the games "Tropico 6" or "Railway Empire" to third parties by submitting a cease-and-desist declaration with penalty clause.
  3. Payment of Compensation for damages to Kalypso Media.
  4. Costs of the warning. Frederik Bockslaff and Nimrod are quite fair here: a total of €850.00 is required.

Do I now have to pay € 850.00 to Kalypso Media and Nimrod Rechtsanwälte?

According to our assessment to date, the Claims from the lawyer Bockslaff and Kalypso Media authorized. Nevertheless, we have some experience with the Nimrod law firm and know that there is usually room for negotiation. We assume that with our help you can achieve up to can save € 250.00. Of course, you can also defend yourself against the claim as a whole. In some cases, this is quite promising. However, you should also be aware that you will then Risk run, to be sued for a much larger amount. In our opinion, it's not worth it.

Write us a e-mail; we like to come with a free initial assessment back to you.



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