Baulig Brothers bite out molars at marken medien meyen

Baulig Consulting and Baulig Clan lose several times in court: dispute over unpaid invoices and false references

The Baulig brothers, known for their management consultancy Baulig Consulting, are in the headlines again - this time because of a legal dispute with a PR agency. The dispute centers around unpaid invoices for press work and the accusation of false references.

Baulig Consulting does not pay PR bill and launches counterattack

The PR agency claimed that Baulig Consulting had used its services to promote one of its own protégés without paying the agreed fees. In response, Baulig Consulting took legal action by suing the agency for allegedly damaging references and misleading advertising warned.

Lawyer Robert Meyen achieves success for PR agency

The PR agency, represented by lawyer Robert Meyen, successfully defended itself against the claims. Both the Regional Court and the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt ruled in favor of the agency. The judges ruled that the references complained of, regardless of their authenticity, were not misleading and therefore did not constitute a misleading reference. Violation of competition law is available.

Further legal action expected

The legal dispute is not yet over. The PR agency has announced that it will sue for the outstanding fees. It remains to be seen whether the Baulig brothers will also lose this case.

From now on, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the fee claim will also go through smoothly with the commissioned colleagues.


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