Baulig Brothers bite out molars at marken medien meyen

Baulig brothers take several baths against marken medien meyen

Who doesn't know you? Just 20 years old, nice hair, a huge advertising budget on Facebook and Amazon: The young management consultants who tell you how the world and your business work. All these guys have a shining example: BAULIG CONSULTING. The Baulig brothers and their Baulig clan are practically the kings of this industry.

Previous story: The Baulig brothers do not pay their bill

What all these consultants have in common is that they make an incredible effort to be present in the media. And so these guys also use third parties to ensure this. Baulig had instructed our client to place them in several places in the press. And our client delivered. The two well-known brothers, on the other hand, essentially used our client's work to "train" one of their own protégés - and (to date) have not paid the agreed fee.

Our law firm has not been commissioned with the eternally dormant fee claim.

Side story: Baulig brothers torpedo our client

In order to "get our client down", the Baulig clan issued two warning letters followed by lawsuits. First, Baulig Consulting claims that the work shown as a reference is damaging to the business, then DCF Fachverlag - the Baulig clan's press office, so to speak - gets in touch and warns that the allegedly "false" references are misleading advertising competition law from.

On our advice, our client has submitted a declaration of criminal liability. Cease and desist declaration refused in both cases. Rightly so, as became clear yesterday at the latest.

Procedural successes for Lawyer Robert Meyen

One of the actions brought by Baulig Consulting itself was withdrawn at first instance on the urgent advice of the court. The DCF action was lost at first instance. Yesterday, the appeal case came to a showdown at the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court. And there, too, lawyer Robert Meyen succeeded in convincing the court. In the end, the court even left aside the question of whether the references were genuine or not.

Baulig Consulting and the Baulig clan lose several court cases
Baulig Consulting and the Baulig clan lose several court cases

Even if the press releases did not originate from our client, they were not objectionable. They were not suitable for misleading purposes and therefore No violation of competition law before.

From now on, we will keep our fingers crossed that the fee claim will also go through smoothly with the colleagues commissioned.


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