Warning letter by Mirco Lehr and Cyfire for Folkert Knieper and Marion's cookbook

Warning because of Marion's cookbook by Cyfire and lawyer Mirco Lehr

Marion's Cookbook, a source of culinary inspiration, has commissioned photographer Folkert Knieper on behalf of Knieper Verwaltungs GmbH to prosecute the unlawful use of his protected images. With Cyfire and the lawyer Mirco Lehr behind them, they send Warnings to website operators and companies that use images without consent. But are the claims justified?

Fighting back with experience and expertise

We have already successfully represented numerous clients against Cyfire and lawyer Mirco Lehr. Here are some important points that you should bear in mind:

  1. Quick action required: Ignore the Warning not. Failure to respond could lead to an expensive lawsuit.
  2. Not too hasty Cease and desist declaration deliver: Do not under any circumstances give the required Cease and desist declaration from. Get help from a specialist lawyer who - if necessary - can draw up a modified Cease and desist declaration delivers...
  3. Use the deadline extension: Don't be intimidated by the short deadlines. We can obtain extensions for you.
  4. Complete deletion of the images: Contact us to get your own impression and remove subsequently the affected images from your website to prevent further damage. Please note that the images must not only be removed from the website on the surface, but also deleted from the image source.
  5. No premature payment: The amounts demanded can often be significantly reduced. Do not pay too quickly.
Why do I receive a Warning by Folkert Knieper and Marions Kochuch?

The copyright holders, Folkert Knieper and Knieper Verwaltungs GmbH, actively protect their copyrighted images on the Internet. Every image, including cell phone photos, is subject to copyright. Use without consent leads to warnings, which, in addition to injunctive relief, also include information, Compensation for damages and claim compensation for legal fees.

Your advantage: Immediate help from specialized lawyers

Do not pay without checking. Our specialized lawyers can significantly reduce the claims and represent your interests.

Do I need a Cease and desist declaration deliver?

The Warning is aimed at a cost-effective settlement. A penalty clause Cease and desist declaration is central. However, it should be checked by a lawyer before signing in order to clarify the financial consequences. It often makes sense to sign a modified Cease and desist declaration that only promises as much as is legally necessary.

Are the monetary claims justified?

The claims are usually justified in principle. But: We have experience in reducing them considerably. Don't pay without checking, don't risk expensive legal proceedings.

Your next action: contact us for comprehensive support

We offer nationwide representation at fair all-inclusive prices. You can rely on our experience in copyright law and in the defense against cease-and-desist letters.

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