News from the Wendler

Michael Norberg aka "der Wendler" regularly overloads one of our clients with warning letters and lawsuits.

After previously only receiving slaps on the wrist from the court, this time Wendler has actually succeeded in obtaining a temporary injunction against our client and also defending him in the second instance.

However, the law stipulates that interim injunctions are revoked if they have not been formally served correctly within one month. And that is also the case here. The Wendler is therefore likely to lose again on Wednesday. And the best thing is that the temporary injunction, which was actually justified, will not only be lifted retrospectively, but Wendler will also be ordered to pay the costs of the entire injunction proceedings.

By the way: The accusation will soon be examined in the main action. And the court has already indicated that it will also dismiss the action...

Michael Wendler loses again in court. Does he care?
Michael Wendler loses again in court. Does he care?


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