Questions about the work of trademark attorneys - costs, working methods, etc.

What specialist legal advice costs - How a mandate works

We offer a range of services depending on the point in our business life at which we come together:

  • Consulting

We advise you in all situations. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs seek advice before the child falls into the well - and thus save a lot of money.

We help you with the strategic development of your company, provide timely advice on an intellectual property rights portfolio, review your Internet presence and provide valuable assessments of how you can assert yourself (legally) against your market competitors.

  • Extrajudicial representation

The most common instrument for intellectual property attorneys is the out-of-court warning letter.

In the warning letter, the owner of a property right or the party whose rights have been infringed by unfair business practices demands that the third party stops - immediately - and does not repeat it in the future. The person being warned will usually also demand information and reimbursement of legal fees.

We play the entire warning keyboard for you: both as attacker and as defender.

  • Legal representation

The early bird catches the worm. For this reason, we try - if possible - to obtain clarity quickly by means of an interim injunction. However, the law only allows interim injunctions to be granted to those who demonstrate through their particularly swift action that the matter is particularly urgent.

For those who are not in a hurry and for those whose matters are not suitable for interim legal protection for other reasons, we are of course also happy to assist with the main action.

Legal services are expensive - but often not nearly as expensive as our clients think.
  • Free initial assessment!
Unfortunately, we have to disappoint the expectation of many clients that an appointment with a lawyer or half an hour's advice on the phone is free of charge. However, this does not mean that the first call immediately starts a clock. We do not usually charge for a brief inquiry. However, as soon as we have to look through documents or provide extensive information about various possible courses of action, this is a chargeable activity. But don't worry: We will inform you before any costs are incurred in the first meeting!  
  • Billing in accordance with the RVG (Lawyers' Fees Act)
As a rule, billing is based on statutory fees. These in turn are usually based on the value of the matter (out of court) or the value in dispute (in court). The fees increase quite quickly for low amounts in dispute, but very slowly for high amounts (so-called "degression"). Unless otherwise agreed between the lawyer and client, the RVG applies in cases of doubt. Agreed remuneration  
  • Agreed remuneration
Lawyers are quite free to agree on their remuneration; only contingency fees are prohibited under professional law in the vast majority of cases. Both time-based fees and lump sums are conceivable. We will talk to you openly about money! Talk to us  
  • Advance?
The prevailing wisdom among many lawyers is "no shot, no law". We do not think that schematically. Whether we request an advance or not depends on various factors: What is the likelihood of success? What is the expected duration of the legal dispute? How solvent is your opponent? Will costs be reimbursed in the foreseeable future?

Professional duties

  • It is the lawyer's professional duty to exercise his profession conscientious to exercise
  • The lawyer must professionally independent be.
  • Confidentiality about all information from and about our clients is a matter of course.
  • The lawyer may No conflicting interests represented.
  • The lawyer is responsible for the treatment of the clients entrusted to him. Assets to the required Diligence committed.

Duration of processing

As the law firm of the industrial property rights we have often worked with interim injunctions to do. And they have above all Prioritywhich is not Unpostponable deadline is.

At the same time, we are not deadline-excusers and target-pushers.

In any case, you can rest assured that your matters will be dealt with within a finite period of time - usually even quite quickly.

If your matter is also urgent, you can expect an honest assessment from us. Simply get in touch with us.

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