Lawyer for competition law

Lawyer for competition law

mdrei is a law firm specializing in intellectual property law

Our expertise in competition law

The specialized lawyer for competition law

  • Our law firm is specialized in the field of competition law.
  • Lawyer Robert Meyen is Specialist lawyer for the protection of industrial property rights, which Competition law also the Trademark lawthat Design law and parts of copyright law.
  • If you have a Warning letter in competition law have received, we offer a cost-effective, often also Free initial consultation by e-mail.

We naturally advise nationwide.

Frequent opponents are KLAKA Attorneys at Law for Longchampbut also the law firms HvLS (Hämmerling von Leitner-Scharfenberg), attorney Gereon Sandhage and FAREDS.

UWG - for fair competition

  • The Competition law protects the fair competition. It is divided into Vertical and horizontal competition law.
  • We represent you in horizontal competition law.
  • Key regulations on horizontal competition can be found in the Law against unfair competition (UWG).
  • The warnings due to incorrect GTCone incorrect revocation instruction or Errors in the imprint are based on the UWG, more precisely on the offense of Breach of law§ 3a UWG.
  • Numerous standards from other laws supplement competition law, such as the ElektroG, BookPrGProdSGPAngVHWG or the AMG.

In contrast to other countries, there are No authoritywhich for fair competition provides. The legislator leaves it up to the market participantsthe Market to monitor and to regulate.

Specialist lawyer for intellectual property rights is your Consultant and Representativewhen it comes to fair competition goes.

The infringement of competition law

  • One Infringement of competition law exists if a competitor acts to the detriment of the Consumers or one Competitor against the (legal) Rules of the game violates.
  • Statutory information obligationsas they were in GTC or Cancellation policy are provided for the Consumer protection.
  • As a rule, infringements of competition law can be prevented by the submission of a Cease and desist declaration finished.

Warning letter in competition law

  • The Warning gives the infringer the last opportunity before initiating a Legal action or preliminary injunction proceedings out of court to put an end to the infringement.
  • We are committed to fair competition. For blunt mass warnings, please look for someone else.
  • An experienced Specialist lawyer knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to warning letters and, in particular, preliminary injunctions. We advise both Clients whose rights are restricted by competitors as well as Warned party.
  • However, please never sign the form provided by the warning letter. Cease and desist declaration. Help from a specialized lawyer for competition law saves a lot of money! A well-formulated modified cease-and-desist declaration only promises the warning letter issuer exactly as much as is legally required.
  • As Specialist law firm we are specialized in warning letters and provide expert advice on the question of whether it makes sense to take a Modified cease-and-desist declaration to hand in.

Deadlines in warnings are necessary to avoid expensive legal disputes. absolutely to note.

Interim injunction in competition law

  • If a competitor talks badly about you or your goodsyou suffer considerable damage. Every minute wasted deepens the damage.
  • The temporary injunction offers you lightning fast Urgent legal protection.
  • In some courts, interim injunctions are still being issued on same day or at the latest on following working day issued.

Temporary injunctions have been issued in numerous cases, especially procedural - Pitfalls. We all have tricks. As Brand law firm we guide you Fast and cost-effective on your preliminary injunction and also know how we can successfully challenge preliminary injunctions issued by your opponents. fend off.

The lawsuit in competition law

  • One Action in competition law regulates the Legal relationships between Affected person and Violator permanent.
  • ATTENTION: In competition law expire Claims within six months!
  • In legal proceedings, the injured party can demand that the infringer RemovalOmissionInformationCompensation for damages and in most cases Reimbursement of expenses in the form of Reimbursement of legal fees demand.
  • Legal proceedings are always necessary when the affected party and the infringer are Warning and if necessary temporary injunction in the Competition law were unable or unwilling to find a final solution.

Specialist lawyer Robert Meyen submits the applications for injunctive relief which efficient and effective to end.

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